Movement Direction, Choreography and Movement Coaching

for film, TV and theatre.

No-one’s Watching focuses on physicality and choreographed movement in storytelling.

Cydney founded No-one’s Watching to offer a creative and technical eye to the physical elements of performance in theatre and film production, and to initiate movement-led narratives.


Cydney Uffindell-Phillips started her career as a dancer and choreographer, working across the film, television and theatre industries. Her curiosity has led her to a wide variety of dance disciplines, movement methods, traditional martial arts and primal movement practices.

Her collaborative approach and passion for film has resulted in working in a variety of creative capacities across the arts, as well as within production teams as a crowd 3rd AD, production assistant and videographer.  She has a keen eye for detail and extensive experience managing and directing actors, dancers, musicians and background performers.


The Philosophy

Cydney is a certified life coach and is passionate about applying a coaching mentality to movement direction. She believes in maintaining a practice that is driven by curiosity, and is responsive to the artists she is working with.

The philosophy of No-one’s Watching is to provide artists with the necessary toolkit to develop a safe physical practice, and to act as facilitators for the co-ordination and execution of movement on stage and screen.

The Method

In 2019 Cydney was awarded a grant from the ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ fund from the UK Arts Council. She used this opportunity to study biomechanics, kinesiology and new movement programs in order to create a method of training, and inform an artistic approach, that encourages a safe and sustainable physical practice.

Cydney combines her experience in a wide range of movement practices with methods that focus on games, devising and movement patterns to coach individuals and choreograph sequences.

Cydney uses tools she has developed from training programs with;

Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey, Evolve Move Play, The Running School (London) & Anatomy in Motion.

The physical disciplines and methods she takes inspiration from include;

Capoeira, Tai Chi, Parkour, Ballet, Contemporary dance, Feldenkrais.